PaRaBaL's Foundation:

PaRaBaL's Foundation

PaRaBaL's Corporate Philosophy: Giving Back through Business

Starting New Technology Companies attracts employees who want to spend their time doing more than sitting in a cube and counting vacation time towards their own freedom. Technology startup employees want to contribute not only to making the world a better place through technology, but also through actions.  PaRaBaL is based in Baltimore and part of what will be the great American Urban comeback for Baltimore.  This means contributing to  to the community at large, helping citizens directly, and giving back when funds and time allow. When PaRaBaL was founded in 2009, we also created the PaRaBaL Foundation of giving to help in our small way to select non-profit organizations involved in helping the community. PaRaBaL now actively supports:

Companies are taxable entities just as individuals are, its a corporate responsibility to give back to ensure that our society is kept strong. Its not just altruism that fuels the PaRaBaL corporate giving philosophy for the PaRaBaL foundation, its good business, we are just as strong as the weak among us. "Making the boat float higher for all - helps us all - we are in this together."