Mobile devices are the subject of many security discussions, but it’s often mobile applications that serve as attack vectors. Enterprises are moving to a broad range of mobile devices in the workforce. PaRaBaL offers a variety of resources and services to assist enterprises in managing mobile application security.

PaRaBaL App Security Resources

There are a number of reasons why mobile applications can be especially difficult to secure. Some of these vulnerabilities have nothing to do with malicious intent; rather, they are the result of inexperienced or hurried programmers. For example, bad data storage habits are one of the main entry points for hackers. Databases like SQLite make it easy to store compact data on a local device, but when the data is stored in clear text or in XML, a readable, plain-text file that makes application data easily accessible. Not using encryption in application transmission protocols can be an issue as well, for example, when transferring calendar or contact information to a server.


iOS Testing Harnesses and Training

For organizations using “i” devices that wants to ensure their mobile applications are safe for use in internal application stores, PaRaBaL can customize testing tools to fit your unique security challenges. PaRaBaL uses proprietary methodologies to build automated application testing tools for iOS applications. After building our automated testing tools, PaRaBaL will send experienced training instructors to your location, to ensure organizations are fully trained on how the tools work, the procedures needed to fully test an application and the methodologies behind each individual tool.

View a sample of what our tools test for: Application Assessment List

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Mobile Application White Listing

Through the use of static and dynamic analysis, PaRaBaL will test your iOS and Android applications to ensure they are free of coding errors that could lead to vulnerabilities, or dangerous behaviors that could result in data leakage.

App Security Resources

MobileIron | Integrated Support for Native Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are transforming business. App developers must deliver great apps quickly, but many of the apps they build will include sensitive data and run on employee-owned devices. Business and personal data must be separated through containerization, and Mobile IT has to protect the business data while preserving the user experience. MobileIron Apps@Work provides an integrated solution to support native mobile apps securely on any mobile device. Apps@Work, which includes both AppConnect and AppTunnel, creates an enterprise app persona that includes all business apps and data on a mobile device and allows the user to access their corporate content securely and natively. MobileIron Apps@Work enables both IT and end-users to fully embrace the potential of mobile apps in the enterprise.